Emerging Markets Direct

bne IntelliNews was created in 2014 with the merger of Business New Europe (bne) and Emerging Markets Direct. bne IntelliNews is a part of New Sparta Holdings.

Formerly part of ISI Emerging Markets, Emerging Markets Direct was born in the August 2011 management buy-out of a selection of certain ISI assets.

So while the company is new, its products are not. Our IntelliNews service has been reporting on Eastern Europe since 1996. Using analysts, editors and economists native to the regions about which they write and report, we have long been a staple in the daily diet of top City and Wall Street analysts and business professionals. Their fortunes hinge on being aware, informed and ahead of their competitors, and it is our job to see that they stay there.

In addition to our IntelliNews line (and following the same philosophy of emphasizing ‘on the ground’ staff and expertise) we publish a series of industry analyses, which are made available through premium channels such as ISI Emerging Markets and OneSource, as well as via our own storefront on these pages.

New Sparta Holdings is headquartered in London. bne IntelliNews has editorial bureaus in Prague, Moscow, Istanbul, Sofia and Kuala Lumpur, and staff present throughout Asia, the MENA region and Europe.

Independent, objective and accountable and now exclusively available to our customers, we invite you to register for a trial of any or all of our products.